Let the Games Begin!

Although MAJICo is not a dedicated gaming company, we have produced our fair share of games. From on-line entertainment sites like SEGA and educational sites like Apple and NASA, to screensavers for companies like Veritas, we have designed and programmed simple, fun and cost-effective games. We invite you to play some of the games produced for SEGA by selecting from the menu on the right.

These games require the free Shockwave player plug-in which can be easily downloaded from Macromedia.

Join My Word! It's Addictive Fun!

MAJICo's My Word! is a daily multi-user word search game loosely based on Boggle by Parker Brothers.  Players pit their skills against other players and against the clock as they try to construct words from a grid of 64 randomly placed letters.  Points are awarded according to the uniqueness and length of the submitted words.

Our current players have found the game to be a highly addictive (yet thoroughly enjoyable) daily diversion!

Register to play today! It's free and it's fun!