Then It's Not Paperwork Anymore!

More than just a way to save paper, electronic user and reference guides provide a superior method of delivering a large amount of information. From a simple PDF file to a large database-driven multimedia program with voice-over, animation and video, user guides can allow the user to scan material quickly, search the entire program for specific content, provide other related material (like graphic and logo files), provide interactive samples of forms or tests, connect to relevant Internet sites and, if the need for paper is just too strong, print out desired content.

Guides for Every Use

MAJICo has produced effective and successful users guides for a diverse range of industries. Explore a small sampling by selecting from the "View Samples" menu on the right. The Cisco Marketing Partner Guide was designed to replace a large binder of printed material. Kess' tax reference is a guide to update CPA's tax knowledge and return preparation skills. The BETA Healthcare guide is a replacement for a wide variety of health insurance reference and marketing material. The Elibrium software tour is the Swiss army knife of user guides - reference material, guided tour, tutorial and installer all on the same CD.