An Effective Way to Learn

Tutorial and computer-based training programs unleash the power of the computer as a teaching tool. Voice-over narration, animation and video are effective aids in explaining concepts and processes. Interactivity, tasks and testing engage the user in the learning experience. And combining a tutorial on the same CD as a product installer and/or registration utility reduces the cost of providing training material to the new user.

A Long History of Tutorials

Our first tutorial was produced in 1992, used 16 colors, ran in DOS and fit on a single floppy disc. Check out how things have changed since then by selecting from the "View Samples" menu on the right. The CalComp tablet tutorial, designed for the novice user, has a narrated overview, many fun tasks and animated "real world" applications. The Siemens registration utility combines a tutorial, installer and an Internet-connected registration utility. The Microsoft Internet Explorer tutorial offers a fun game environment, 3D animation and multiple knowledge levels. The Hewlett-Packard Pavilion Internet tutorial contains large amounts of voice-over, video, animation and was designed to support many different languages easily.