More Than Just Flying Toasters

Everyone remembers their first screensaver. It usually had fish swimming or toasters flying and was for little more than entertainment. Today, screensavers are considerably more powerful and significantly more effective at communicating a company's message. Screensavers now can run full-screen DVD video, contain elaborate games, be completely interactive and send or receive valuable information via the Internet.

A Screen With Many Uses

MAJICo has a great deal of experience developing screensavers of all types. Take a look at some of those types by selecting from the "View Samples" menu on the right. The Vertias interactive screensaver was designed to deliver key messaging points for Veritas software in five fun interactive games. The Anti-Drug Flash screensaver was a small program to deliver straightforward messaging downloadable from their web site. The HP web connected screensaver was a way to reach employees inside HP with current messaging, breaking news and in-depth company related stories. The Brightware customizable screensaver was designed so that modules within the program could be updated easily on a regular basis.