Empowering a Sales Rep

Given the complexity of today's business world and increasingly techno-savy clients, arming a sales rep with just an overhead projector and a PowerPoint presentation is no longer enough. Custom sales tools can give them the power to demonstrate new technology and cutting-edge software, or give them and their clients instant access to vast amounts of information. The economy of CDs or the huge storage of DVDs make interactive "leave behinds" effective compliments to sales presentations.

Proven Sales Tools

MAJICo has been developing sales tools since interactive multimedia was born. Check out a small sample of projects from the "View Samples" menu on the right. Learn about a menu creator program that allows sales reps from a liquor distributor to sit down with owners of restaurants and bars and create elaborate custom drink menus on their laptop. Explore a leave behind CD from CompassLearning that sales reps use to provide interactive material and full-screen video to potential clients. Take a look at a technology demonstrator for chip manufacturer S3 which allows their sales reps to show actual features of video chipsets in development. And see how a modular presentation program allows Cisco's sales reps to customize their sales presentations for specific audiences.