Go Beyond the Slide Show

Although PowerPoint is a convenient program to use for presentations, it is also very limited. Programs such as Director or Flash can give the presenter considerably more power and flexibility. Interactivity, animation, full-screen video, connections to databases and access to the Internet are all excellent additions to an effective and engaging presentation. Cross-purposing presentations for use on a web site, easily done with Flash or Shockwave, can reduce costs significantly. And even if PowerPoint ends up being the right tool for the project, the input of skilled professional designers can make a difference.

Presenting a Wide Variety

At one time or another, we have produced presentations in almost every program available. Take a look at some of those by selecting from the "View Samples" menu on the right. The custom builder produced for CompassLearning allows presenters to build seamless presentations with a large variety of file types. The BEA interactive presentation combines the traditional slide show format with an interactive animated demonstration of their software. The Flash presentations, also for CompassLearning, are demo modules that run in a presentation environment and on the web. And some effective and distinctive PowerPoint designs round out the bunch.