What do you do, exactly?

We design and produce high-bandwidth interactive business multimedia programs.

OK, I didn't understand any of that. Could you explain that in English?

Multimedia is simply a computer presentation that uses more than one type of media - usually involving graphics, text, audio, video and animation of some kind. More often than not, such a presentation is interactive, allowing the user to push buttons to control the program. If you've ever been into an electronics store and seen demos being displayed on computer screens, we do those. If you've ever bought computer hardware or software that came with an installer and/or tutorial CD, we do those. If you've ever been to a shopping mall or airport and seen an information kiosk, we do those. If you ever been to a trade show and seen any of the many types of on-screen presentations, we do those. If you've ever seen a TV advertisement for programs that teach you how to use your computer, we do those. And more. Check out the "What We Do" menu on the left to learn more.

I need a CD-ROM. How much will it cost and how long will it take?

That's a bit like asking "I want to buy a house. How much will it cost." There are so many factors to consider... how many rooms, what types of material, and what kind of fixtures? CDs vary in the amount of content, the complexity of interactivity, and the types of media to be used. We've been involved in CD projects that cost a few thousand dollars and CD projects with budgets in the hundreds of thousands. The bottom line answer - it depends. However, given enough information about a particular project, we can provide a very accurate estimate.

Your old site was pretty darned silly. What happened?

Old age. While we appreciate the many compliments about the frivolity of the old site, we felt a more sedate and informative web site was in order. Although we don't take ourselves too seriously, we do take the work we do very seriously. But don't despair... there is goofiness aplenty still available. Check out the "Fun Stuff" menu on the left. The Pez Gallery and other favorites are still there. And for those of you who followed our instructions and built your own time machine out of a port-a-potty, you can always pop back in time and look at the old MAJICo site!

How do I submit a question?

Feel free to submit your questions via e-mail to: faq@majico.com