Decades of Multimedia Experience

Mark, June and Daniel started out as a team in 1992 at Panorama Productions in Santa Clara. In the early days of multimedia, they started a multimedia department that designed and developed cutting-edge, high profile projects for companies such as IBM, GE and Intel. Moving on to CKS Interactive, they were in charge of large teams to produce projects for Apple, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. In 1996, Mark and June moved to Eagle River Interactive in Mountain View to create an Interactive Multimedia department. In their year there, they created a number of projects for companies such as Disney, Cisco and Toshiba. In 1997, Mark and June decided the time had come to strike out on their own and form their own company - MAJICo. Daniel, who had moved from CKS to Creative-i before founding Digital Frog in 2002, recently has reunited with Mark and June at MAJICo.

Mark D. Maslowski - Creative Director

After studying at UCLA, Mark started work as a print designer at several print houses in the Bay Area. In 1992, he accepted an offer at Panorama Productions as a writer and designer. In addition to helping create the multimedia department, Mark had the opportunity to write, direct and edit corporate videos. He was a Senior Producer at CKS Interactive and Interactive Multimedia Director at Eagle River Interactive.

He was also a founding member of the infamous Vercotti Brothers Design firm.

Mark brings to MAJICo a wide variety of design skills (print, multimedia, video), 14 years of interactive programming, expertise in video and animation, writing talent and project management experience.

June Alane Reif - Multimedia Director

After graduating LSU with a degree in Communications, June started as a Designer and Production Manager at Slide Graphix in Baton Rouge. She then moved to become a Graphic Artist with Production Services in Fort Worth, TX. Joining Panorama Productions in 1990, June became the in-house multimedia designer and programmer in the infancy of the industry. Using crude systems and programs by today's standards, June produced amazingly powerful interactive projects. June moved to CKS Interactive in 1995 as a Senior Producer and Eagle River Interactive in 1996.

June brings to MAJICo strong design skills, unparalleled multimedia programming expertise, digital video and audio skills, project management experience, and great talent as a professional voice-over artist.

Daniel Miessau - General Manager

Daniel's clients include recognized leaders in information technology. He has aided in the development of many highly successful integrated marcom campaigns for clients such as 3com, Apple Computer, Columbia Pictures, General Motors, Hasbro Interactive, Hewlett Packard Microsoft and Time Warner Interactive. His current focus is interactive marketing for business-to-business, along with e-commerce infrastructure.

From concept to implementation, Daniel has developed successful product launches, in-store demos, point of purchase, on-line collaboration and more. Exactly how does he do it? Bringing big picture experience and technology expertise to the table, Daniel sits with the engineers to extract the feature and benefits, interviews the target audience to confirm their pain points, and works with internal marketing teams to implement the programs.

Daniels unique career began in the technology sector working on the client side as director of marketing, working closely with product development engineers to evangelize and promote telecommunications products. He then transferred this experience to the agency side, where he has worked for the past 12 years in Silicon Valley for agencies like MBC, CKS and Creative I developing truly integrated marcom programs.