New Vistas in Multimedia

Although MAJICo is best known for producing multimedia distributed by CD or DVD to play on kiosks, desktop and laptop computers, we actually produce quite a bit of content that is Internet delivered - from simple websites to complex applications. Take a look at some samples from the "View Samples" menus on the right. The Flash interactive tour is used by a major hospital to allow web users to virtually explore their facilities. Various Shockwave projects show off the power and flexibility of that program. Our Streaming Media examples show how Cisco and Pioneer use the technology to enhance their sites. And a few samples of web sites designed and produced by MAJICo show a variety of styles and functions.


Autovod Dreamweavers CCC Kennel Club CJF Conferencing
Escape Horizon The Via Group Ellen Michaels Rich Green, Ink
Napa Orthodontics Treeline Construction Brava EPRI