An Explosion of Kiosks

Not too long ago, kiosks could only be seen at a trade show and on-screen demos at a computer store. But today, interactive kiosks are everywhere. Wherever there's a computer, there seems to be something on the screen. Touch screens are all around - in shopping malls, company lobbies, airports, ATMs and even gas pumps. And although the ubiquitousness of these devices is new, the basics of good design, solid performance and reliability remain as important as they ever were.

Demonstrating Multimedia Expertise

Product Demos and Kiosks tend to be on the cutting-edge of multimedia. They generally run on specific high-end computers and can be quite complex to take advantage of current technology. Check out some sample projects from the "View Samples" menu on the right. The RadioShack kiosk not only uses full-screen video, but is connected to the Internet to automatically update all the content. The Compaq in-store demo automatically configures itself for whichever model of computer on which it is running, displaying only the features applicable to that model. The Sprint program is a web/kiosk hybrid which allows the user to experience the rich environment of multimedia on a fast computer while allowing them to explore specific web sites. The Gilbarco point-of-purchase prototype was designed to test multimedia displays and content for future service stations. It holds the distinction of being the only multimedia program we've produced that actually interfaces with a gas pump!